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Twinkle Learning aims to inform parents and carers about the five important development stages that help with understanding

what to expect from their child, as well as providing essential information on which toys are suitable for each stage

and age.  We have reviewed thousands of toys and hand-picked the ones most suitable with aiding the child's progression.

We believe that play is an integral part of growing up and developing us into adults, with toys being the gateway to achieving this.

  • Cognitive Development
    Cognitive Development
    Cognitive skill development involves the progressive building of learning skills, such as the construction of thought processes, problem solving, memory and thinking.
  • Social & Emotional
    Social & Emotional
    Social-emotional development comprises of the child’s emotions, experience and interacting with other people. Babies begin to develop relationships with the people around them right from birth.
  • Speech & Language
    Speech & Language
    Learning to communicate, whether this is through speech, sound or a physical motion is a core feature in expressing what the child needs and how they are feeling. Language and communication skills are essential to a child’s development.
  • Fine Motor Skill
    Fine Motor Skill
    Fine motor skills involve the coordination of small muscles in the hands and fingers. At birth, children use their hands to explore themselves and the world around them. Fine motor skills develop as their whole body starts to move and become more stable.
  • Gross Motor Skill
    Gross Motor Skill
    Gross Motor developments are those that involve the larger, stronger muscle groups of the body. In early childhood, it is the development of these muscles that enable a baby to keep their head up, sitting upright, crawl and ultimately walk and run

Act Fast

Even though you may think your child is fortunate enough to have plentiful available resources, there is still a possibility they may not be receiving the full benefits of play. We now tend to see many children being raised in an increasingly rushed and pressured style that may limit their development. All children deserve to reach their fullest potential and be given the best start in life. Any questions you may have about your child's development should be shared with his or her doctor.


Exploring The World

For all children, exploring the world is a vital part of prepping them for the future and making them more resilient. They will slowly learn to use their five senses to discover their surroundings and interact differently to everyday objects. It is extremely important that parents do not always take the lead in play activities and instead, let the child play alone. This helps them develop crucial skills which are linked to higher academic achievement and well-being. Children will learn to correct their mistakes and how they interact with the toys.


Development Outcome Quiz

Twinkle Learning has built an outcome quiz that will determine which development area your child may be weaker in compared to the others. We hope that this free quiz will bring to light the specific development areas that parents may be neglecting or unaware of. This will allow you to target this area and support the child in reaching the expected milestones on time. The questions are specifically designed to probe the components that influence the five development areas. Click the Twinkle Learning train below to take you there:


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