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Cognitive skill development involves the progressive building of learning
skills, such as the construction of thought processes, problem solving,
memory and thinking. These essential skills allow children to process
information and gain understanding of certain elements where skills, such as
remembering and making comparisons, are in use. While some cognitive skill
development is correlated to a child's genealogy, most cognitive skills are
learned through early years by the means of interaction. This means thinking
and learning skills can be improved with exercises such as toys that promote
learning cognitive skills. This can be achieved through cognitive development toys.

 What goes through their tiny brains...

Right from the baby's first day in the world, he/she observes every detail and inch of their surroundings. Your newborn identifies your smell and voice. Your baby loves studying your facial expressions, this is why they like copying lip movements. If you watch your child at an early age really carefully, you will observe how well they are trying trying to mimic you in the hope of receiving attention to fulfil their wants and needs. 

Babies learn through repetition. This is a process by which their brain absorbs the information and remembers the action so that they are able to use the skill learnt over again. So play games with your child. Let them attempt the game, and give them time to practice it with you. Having toys that are right for your child's age helps as well. Cognitive development toys are one of the most essential type of toys that need to be provided for a child.





These cognitive toys are highly recommended for this age range in enhancing and aiding the child in their cognition and intellectual development. The toys provided all have a minimum rating of 3.5 stars on Amazon. Please note that some of the toys listed below also help to advance other development areas, but their main aim is for this category.

Toys for cognitive development for the ages 0 - 1 year:

Cloth Book

 Baby Maths Book 

Toys for cognitive development for the ages 1 - 2 year:

Toys for cognitive development for the ages 2 – 4 years:

Toys for cognitive development for the ages 4 – 6 years:

Cognitive Milestones

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