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Gross Motor developments are those that involve the larger, stronger muscle groups
of the body. In early childhood, it is the development of these muscles that enable a baby
to keep their head up, sitting upright, crawl and ultimately walk and run. It also includes
eye-hand co-ordination skills like throwing, catching and kicking a ball.


Ready, Set, Go! 

Once a child is comfortable with performing basic gross motor skills, we suggest that parents direct them to more difficult tasks that will enhance their physical ability. For example, asking the child if they can walk forward while tapping their right knee with their left hand and their left knee with their right hand. This activity enhances bilateral asymmetrical integration, which is an integral component of gross motor skill that children tend to develop around the age of four.

Strong gross motor skills can be developed through repeated activity and practice. Enhancing your child’s gross motor development will require you to encourage them to participate in activities, whether it is sport activities with friends or toys that target developing stronger muscles. 

These toys are highly recommended for this age range in enhancing and aiding the child in their gross motor skill development. The toys provided all have a minimum rating of 3.5 stars on Amazon. Please note that some of the toys listed below also help to advance other development areas, but their main aim is for this category.

Toys for gross motor skill development for the ages 0 – 1 year

Toys for gross motor skill development for the ages 1 – 2 years

 Activity Slide

Running Puppy

 Popping Dino


Toys for gross motor skill development for the ages 2 – 4 years

Toys for gross motor skill development for the ages 4 – 6 years

Gross Motor Skill Milestones

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