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Social-emotional development comprises of the child’s emotions, experience and
interacting with other people. Babies begin to develop relationships with the people
around them right from birth. Although the ability to identify and understand emotional
states in others is a development that continues to advance throughout childhood, it is
important that the child learns through experiences with others.

 Building their social skills...

In early years, children express their emotions before they fully understand them. This is why it is crucial to be around your child to recognise their emotions and to attempt to understand their needs and occasionally wants so that the child feels that there is an interconnection between the child and parent/career.

Children become more experienced in exchanging words as they grow, consequently social interactions become more complex as children build skills that connect them with family and friends, which is essential to healthy human development and functioning. Social toys are the key to achieving this, Scroll below to view the ones suitable for your child's age.




These toys are highly recommended for this age range in enhancing and aiding the child in their social development. The toys provided all have a minimum rating of 3.5 stars on Amazon. Please note that some of the toys listed below also help to advance other development areas, but their main aim is for this category.

Toys for social development for the ages 0 – 1 year

Toys for social development for the ages 1 – 2 years

Toys for social development for the ages 2 – 4 years

Toys for social development for the ages 4 – 6 years

Social & Emotional Milestones

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